August 29, 2011

Grand Cycling Classic and Tour de Gaslight

Grand Cycling Classic
Cat 1, 2 and 3 all raced together in a 40 min race, even though the streets had dried there were still a ton of crashes. It was very hard to move up, but I finally made it to the front as a group of 5 started to roll away from the field.

I made an attack and tried to bridge up, but I didn’t have any help so I was slowly reeled back in by the field. It looked like the break was going to come back as well but after I was caught the field started to loss its organization. With such a short race the group of 5 was able to stay away, on the last lap I just tried to avoid crashing, but Ryan Cross was able to pull a 7th place finish.

Tour de Gaslight Village
A 70 minute crit on a 4 corner course which had a wide 180 degree turn and a long straight away on the back side of the course, looking to be a tough day as Bissell had their full elite squad plus David Williams and the newly crown National Crit Champion, Eric Young, from their pro team.

The race started out fast, but I was able to get up to the front quickly, which was a good thing because shortly after the winning break rolled of the front and I was able to bridge jump into it before it got too much distance. Several more riders bridged up and we ended up with 8 riders. This included Derek Graham, David and Nate Williams from Bissell, two Chemstar riders, a Hincape Development rider, Vince Roberge and myself.

We rotated though and were able to get a large gap quickly. About half way through David Williams and the Hincape rider came on the inside of a Chemstar rider going around the 180. The Chemstar rider started to get on their wheel and then just sat up. This gave them a gap and there was a hesitation from the rest of us and they started to pull away pretty fast. I made a big effort to get back up to them and was then attacked by a Chemstar rider who tried to bridge up with Nate Williams. Vince and I were able to pull those two back, but David and the Hincape rider continued to pull away. They ended up lapping the field.

With no help from Derek or Nate, Vince and I had to do the bulk of the work. As we came to the last lap Nate Williams ended up being on the front with a Chemstar rider sitting on his wheel making him pull. On the back side, Nate attacked and I was able to get on his wheel. Going into the 180 we had a small gap and I pulled though and pulled to the last corner and started my sprint. It was a long way and Derek Graham came flying by me, but I was able to hold off Nate and a Chemstar rider to get 4th.

- Mac Brennan