April 6, 2011

Hillsboro-Roubaix and Hueston Woods

2 Races, 2 Podiums

This past weekend wrapped up with two podium finishes for the panther cycling team. The Saturday race in the little town of Hillsboro brought 120+ riders out to the pro start. A heavy wind helped a small group of 5 riders with me in it get away in the first 10 miles and were later in the race joined by Greg Christian bridging up on his own. Working together we managed to get up to a 4 min gap on the peloton and managed to keep them at bay for the rest of the 86 mile race. There was a climb about 3 miles from the finish were Jordan Roessingh from IsCorps attacked and got a slight gap with a Team Mercy rider. Greg and I quickly closed the gap on the decent into the cobbled section where there is now 1.5 miles to go. Greg took the lead around the last corner with Roessingh on his wheel and me in third. I jumped with 200 meters to go and opened up a quick gap. With 50 meters to go I started to feel the pain of the 80 mile break and could not hold off the IsCorps rider. I rolled across the line for a 2nd place finish and Greg 3rd.

Sundays race was is Hueston Woods Ohio and I found myself off the front again in the first 10 miles with Liam from XXX racing and Fatty from RGF. In the next 10 miles we had worked hard to open up a gap of 1min 30 to the peloton.  In the last few laps with about 20 miles to go I was starting to feel the legs not wanting to turn over up the hills. The other 2 riders noticed this and started attacking me on the climbs. I dug deep and was able to keep with them. Liam attacked on the finishing climb with 1 lap to go, approx 10 miles. Fatty and I could not stay with him and started a chase. Liam must have been feeling good that day because we did not see him until after the finish. With a 2min+ gap to the peloton behind, Fatty and I started the uphill finish at a slow crawl. We both attacked at the same time and I had enough left in me to beat him to the line to finish yet again 2nd place.

-Ryan Aitcheson