March 16, 2011

Erik Hamilton – 1 of 2 Hoosiers

My hometown is Terre Haute, IN and I have been in Bloomington for 7 years. My favorite race is Hyde Park Blast, the atmosphere at the race is incredible, and racing under the lights is always a good time. Plus, it is one of the few crits that is difficult enough to scale down the field by the finish.

I would consider myself a time trial specialist and my favorite type of race is always going to be a long grueling one. I also dabble in cyclocross, it is great for the handling skills which I can always use more work on.

I enjoy my job as a bicycle mechanic at the Bicycle Garage in Bloomington. I also enjoy tattoos as evidenced by my arms. In my free time I enjoy reading as well as keeping up with the field of psychology which is what I earned my degree in at Indiana University. I have followed the IU basketball team for as long as I can remember, although it is not as easy lately given their less than stellar play. I love spending time with my fiance, Caitlin. We are getting married in August.

I trained all winner, rough given the brutal weather we experienced, definitely spent far too much time on the trainer, but hopefully it will pay dividends. The highlight was a trip last week to Knoxville, TN and Asheville, NC where I rode in Great Smoky Mountain National – it was awesome! The roads were great and I have never done that much climbing. I rode up to Newfound Gap in the Park which is almost 6000 feet. It was 16 miles up and 16 miles down. On the last day I met up with some friends from Bloomington in Maryville, TN and we rode 4 hours, all very uneventful until I was bitten by a dog for the first time since I began riding. Luckily it got mostly sock and not calf!  Overall, the trip was great with 70 degrees and sunny everyday.

I am excited to start the new year with a new team and I am looking forward to begin racing, hopefully we can have a lot of success.