July 8, 2010

Tour of Lawrence Race Report

Tour of Lawrence, I was flying solo for this one. I was worried about this at first, but the P/1/2 fields were pretty small. Mostly it was just team Hotel San Jose, that Trek VW team and Mercy in attendance. The road race course wove around the campus of the University of Kansas. The course was sweet, two long climbs and a bunch of twisty decent dictated the four mile circuit. Unfortunately it was raining hard and the roads were very slick.

There was a large pile up in the first half mile of the race on a straight downhill section. I managed to weave my way around everyone sprawled across the road and dudes putting out the tripod in the turns. I channeled my Purdue Regional crit cornering skills and attacked and put nearly a minute into the field. As the course dried up we were brought back by what was left of the field, about 12 guys. We dicked around for a little while until 4 to go. I attacked on one of the uphills by a group of drunk KU students that were cheering for me because I gave them a thumbs up while I was in the breakaway after they offered me a free beer.

I spent a lap alone until Adam Bergman bridged up and we were riding really hard but were caught with 1 to go by three riders. There were some little attacks but it came down to the final uphill sprint, I had nothing left in the tank and ended up 4th.

Sunday was a repeat of the 2008 Collegiate Nationals Criterium course. However there was more rain. Another wet day, and I knew Hotel San Jose would be riding for Josh Carter. So I sat in and spent most of the day in my Endurance zone. With a few laps to go I took off my glasses that were fogging up pretty bad. Then it started raining, so I pretty much couldn’t see at all. I got a little sketched out with the whole wet roads and not being able to see so got caught out a little far back in the sprint and ended up 12th.

-Chris Uberti