April 12, 2010

STS Race Report

STS stands for Spring Training Series and I really approach these races with that in mind. I rode to the race in Ann Arbor from my parents’ house in Redford… a 2 hour spin. Tail-gunned the B race to get some extra miles/ speed and raced the A’s for real. I felt surprisingly good for my first race of the year and even took the first preme! In hindsight though, I probably raced a little too aggressive in the early part of the race to expect a decent sprint from my legs at the end. I was really playing my cards for a break, which never transpired. I had good position going into the sprint but nothing in the legs and ended up 8th of 50. I console myself with the fact that I had a ride time of 4 hours when I crossed the line… but that’s merely a cheap excuse. Rode back to my parents house for a total of 6 hours and what I imagine was well over a hundo (100 mi). Even got to stay for dinner. Nice.

-Vince Roberge