April 12, 2010

Cuyahoga Valley Spring Series Race #1

Andy, Erik, Brent and I raced the first Cuyahoga Valley Spring Series Race on Sunday, a 35 mile race on a 5 mile rolling loop in the National Park between Cleveland and Akron.  We took turns covering moves from other teams and launching attacks of our own.  About halfway through, Andy got caught in a crash that split the field right as the pace picked up.  Despite several attempts to make a break stick, the remainder of the field came back together with one lap to go and we started to plan for a field sprint.  Coming into a long straight headwind sprint with an uphill kick in the last 100 meters I knew not to jump too early, but I got antsy and went anyway, hoping to give Brent a leadout if nothing else.  For the first 400 meters I thought I might hold on, but the last 100 meters was my undoing and I ended up 2nd, Brent was 6th.  Good sprint training…

-Paul Martin